The Photo House Studio

The Photo House Studio is a modern, cosy photographic studio located in Guiseley, a small town in North West Leeds. The studio off-street parking on-site and Guiseley Railway Station is only 10 minutes walk away and one-stop from Leeds City Centre.

Professional studio equipment, choices of backdrops, sets and props and wi-fi for all your internet and tethering needs.

The kitchen is stocked with complimentary refreshments including hot and cold drinks and snacks.  Lunch is provided on Group Workshops and 1-2-1 training sessions. 

The Photo House Studio 

182 Park Road 



West Yorkshire 

LS20 8EN 

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Pixapro essential photo



The Guild of Photographers
Pixapro Citi600


  • Four Pixapro Citi600 Battery Powered Flash Heads

  • Two Bowens Esprit GM500 Flash Heads

  • Two Bowens Gemini GM200 Flash Heads

  • Travor MTL-900 LED Light (Ice Light)

  • Four Bowens Lighting Stands on wheels

  • Pixapro C-Stand with Boom Arm

  • Bowens Back Light Stand

  • Two LED Continuous Bi-Colour Light Panels


  • Pixapro 60cm Silver Beauty Dish

  • Pixapro 60cm White Beauty Dish

  • Two Pixapro Barn Doors with 30° Honeycomb grids

  • Two Pixapro 30x 120cm Strip Softboxes with 5cm Grids

  • Pixapro 90cm Octagonal Softbox with 4cm

  • GridPixapro Conical Snoot with Honeycomb Grid & Gels - Blue Red & Yellow Two Bowens 120° Wide-Angle Reflectors

  • Bowens 115cm Umbrella - WhiteTwo 60cm Pro Flash Umbrella’s

  • Two Standard 55° 20cm Reflectors

  • Optical Snoot Spot Projector with 16 Gobos


  • Pixapro Colour Gels for Barn Doors- Blue, Yellow, Red

  • Pixapro 60cm 5-in-1 Circular Reflector Board - Silver, Black, White, Gold & Translucent

  • Phot-R 120 x 180cm 5-in-1 Studio Reflector

  • Damian Lovegrove 18 x 16" Scatter Gels

  • Jake Hicks Definitive Colour Gels


  • V-Flats black/white

  • Westcott Eyelighter Curved Reflector


  • Six Pixapro Pro AC Radio Flash Triggers

  • Four i-Shoot Triggers and Receivers

  • Sekonic LiteMaster Pro L478-D Flash Meter

  • X-Rite ColorChecker Passport

  • Lastolite Ezybalance Grey Card

  • 23” BenQ Monitor and Tether Tool Cables

  • Epson Projector

  • Sonos Sound System & Spotify

  • Lexar 25-in-1 Card Reader

  • Swivel Height Adjustable Photographers Stool on Wheels

  • Manfrotto 190X Pro Aluminium Tripod

  • Manfrotto 804 Mark II 3-Way Head


  • Colorama Rolleasy Backdrop System

  • Colorama White Vinyl Background

  • Colorama Paper Backgrounds:

  1. Black

  2. Crimson Red

  1. Silvertones ProFabric

  2. Expresso ProFabric

  3. Traditional Master Brown

  • Colorama Chromakey Green (Green Screen) Paper Background

  • Two Laura Ashley Backgrounds in Dark Charcoal and Linen

  • Gold Sparkle Glitter Background

  • White Brick Background

  • Distressed Brown Background

  • Natural Light Window with White Slatted Blinds

  • Lastolite Collapsible Backgrounds:

  1. Autumn Foliage/Seascape

  2. Red Brick/Grey Stone

  3. Smoke/Concrete

  4. Tobacco/Olive

  5. Shutter/Distressed Door

  6. Aubergine/Crimson

  7. Ink/Sage

  8. Walnut/Pewter

  9. Painted White/Industrial Grey Brick

Colorama Crimson Red

Colorama Lupin Blue

Colorama Granite Grey

Colorama Black


  • French Boudoir/Dressing Table Set

  • Opulent Black/Gold Chaise Longue (220cm)
  • Brown Wooden Posing Stool

  • 60cm White Posing Cube

  • Antique Green Chesterfield Captains Chair

  • Grey Wooden Posing Stool

  • Shabby Chic Chair

  • Atmospheric Fog / HazeHigh Velocity Wind Machine

  • Mahogany Double Bed

  • Luxury bed sets in Ivory Satin, Wine Red Satin, White Cotton, Silver Satin, Gold Satin

Gold Satin Sheets

Natural Light Window

Chaise Longue

White Posing Cube


  • Spacious private dressing room with mirrors and lighting

  • MUA/Stylist height adjustable leather chair

  • Toilet and shower room

  • Kitchenette with fridge, freezer, kettle and toaster

The Photo House Studio
The Photo House Studio


  • 2 Hour Minimum Booking

  • Includes technical and lighting assistance if required

  • Complimentary refreshments available throughout your booking

  • Buffet lunch available upon request (cost per head)

(Min 2 hours)

2 hours = £50

3 hours = £65

4 hours = £80

5 hours = £95

6 hours = £110

7 hours = £135

8 hours = £150


Monday to Friday 10am - 9pm

Saturday and Sunday 9am - 10pm

The Photo House Studio

Having worked with Natasha previously and created awesome images, I instantly signed up for her 1-2-1 Tutorial, covering Portraits, Glamour, Boudoir & Art Nude. And what a great investment it was, worth every penny. The Photo House Studio is a fantastic place to shoot, besides all the lighting equipment & soft boxes, backdrops etc. Natasha is so knowledgeable talking you through the setup, giving tip’s and pointers about composing & capturing the image.

I got to experiment with gels and a few other areas where I had limited experience, great inspiration. I would thoroughly recommend this 1-2-1 tutorial to any level of photographer.


What a Hidden Diamond ! This studio is a masterpiece in ergonomic planning and detail with a potential for 7 unique and classy sets BEFORE you count the roll down backgrounds!! Super lighting systems and reflectors and more other light shaping devices that you can shake a stick at ! Just superb ! Excellent facilities for model and MUA ! Excellent hospitality kitchen. All very good however the resident host is MUCH better !


What a fantastic studio. A really easy and pleasant place to shoot with lots of options. The lighting kit is fine as are the 3 plain backdrops and the walls also make great locations. Enjoyed my time here and will return again.


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