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Camera Club Talk & Presentation
Camera Club Speaker

Natasha J Bella presents ‘The Collaborative Approach’, an insightful talk about the importance of teamwork. Which Natasha knows is vital, whenever a photographer works with a model, in order to achieve the best results. Natasha’s own unique experience as a freelance and commercial model, and as a photographer and educator, makes her especially qualified to explain what it takes to create powerful, arresting, and award-winning images of models, from fashion, to fine art.

Showcasing images from her portfolio, explaining the stories behind the photographs, and giving insights into the processes involved, Natasha is sure to inspire, motivate and excite all photographers interested in working in this area.


As a model, Natasha has featured in commercial work for numerous global brands. Working freelance, images of Natasha, achieved using her ‘Collaborative Approach’, have won countless of awards in the UK, South Africa, Asia and across the globe. Including awards from the Master Photography Association, the Guild of Photographers, and the Royal Photographic Society.


Working from her own studio in Leeds, Natasha runs regular sell-out workshops, as well as one-to-one tutorials, to help photographers better understand how to work with a model to secure great results every time.

Natasha says “when all the elements of a creative production align: the photographer; model; set; lighting; and wardrobe, it just clicks.  That’s what I love to help photographers achieve.”

45 Minute Talk - Tea Break - 1 hour Practical Portrait Demonstration - Bring your cameras!

To book Natasha as a speaker at your Camera Club or event, please use the Contact page to get in touch.

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